Rodger 8-Alarm Vibration Reminder Watch – Blue Camo

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This stylish kid-friendly reminder watch is so cool that no one will know that it has a special function—to provide a discreet timed reminder. Set up to 8 individual times for the watch to vibrate, sound or do both. This watch vibrates discreetly for 12 seconds, making it hard for even the pre-occupied child to ignore. Its small size and fully adjustable vinyl band with multiple holes allows it to securely fit even the smallest wrists.

After setting your pre-determined times, simply use the LOCK feature to lock the buttons and settings. In addition to the individual timed reminders, this watch can be used for telling time, as a countdown timer and as a stopwatch.


  • Toileting trip reminders
  • Insulin or medication reminders/tests
  • Reminders to drink fluid
  • Daily living reminders for active kids - time to get ready, music lessons etc
  • Meeting reminders


  • Set up to 8 timed reminders and forget about it
  • Lock the settings to prevent accidental changes
  • Choose vibration or sound alarm or both
  • Comes in 6 stylish colors (see other listings)
  • Countdown Timer: Up to 23 hours 59 min
  • Battery Type: Eveready CR2032 Lithium (1) - INCLUDED
  • Watch Band: Watch band - 8"
  • Water Resistance: Withstands accidental splashing, but should not be used near water, or during swimming or bathing
  • Latex-free