NEW Wet Detective Bedwetting Alarm System from WetStop

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Looking for a  LOUD alarm for deep sleepers?

The NEW Wet Detective Alarm System from WetStop is packed with useful features:

  • 4 alarm settings (including very LOUD setting for deep sleepers)
  • 2 waterproof, washable (hospital-grade) sensor pads
  • Flashing LED respond button
  • VERY easy set-up & use - full instructions provided

Suitable for:

  • Continence Services (to loan or hire to clients)
  • Hospitals and Aged Care Providers
  • Personal Use

Designed by a Urologist.

Wet-Detective™ Sensor Pad dimensions are 86.36cm x 86.36cm and are made with poly/cotton quilted absorbent material with a waterproof backing. Machine washable and waterproof. Special sensing wires are within pad to maximize urine detection. The pads are easy to position directly underneath the person and on top of a bed or chair.

Telephone/On-line Support: contact +643 329-6790 or email anytime for assistance

Batteries: Uses 2 AA Batteries (not included) – For best results use Energizer® or Duracell®

How do bedwetting alarms work?

Bedwetting alarms are considered the most useful and successful way to treat bedwetting. Research has shown these alarms will help more than 80% of children become dry, and most children will then stay dry. This treatment requires a supportive and helpful family and may take 4-12 weeks to work. Every child is different in the length of time it takes.  For some children the alarm can work within days, for other children it can takes weeks. Alarms have good long-term success and fewer relapses than medication.

Bedwetting alarms aim to help your child wake when recognizing the sensation to urinate. When exposed to wetness (urine) the alarm makes a loud noise to wake your child. The sound needs to be loud enough and quick enough to wake your child prior to complete bladder emptying. When beginning your child will wet and the alarm will sound. Your child (and you) will wake up and you will need to take him/her to the toilet to completely empty his/her bladder of any “left over” urine. Initially your child is likely to empty his bladder before reaching the toilet, but with practice this should improve.

Using the alarm for days or weeks and waking up just after wetting should eventually “condition” your child to wake up prior to wetting. Once your child establishes a consistent pattern of waking during the night prior to wetting then you will no longer need the alarm. However some children do have relapses and the alarm may need to be used for a short time again to get your child back on track.

Tips for using a bedwetting alarm:

  • Motivate your child and get him/her excited about using the alarm.
  • Make setting the alarm part of your every day bedtime routine.
  • Do not skip nights or just use it in special cases.
  • Make sure the alarm is loud enough for you to hear.
  • When the alarm sounds make sure you assist your child to the toilet. It is important for him to wake up enough to get to the toilet and back.
  • Do not let the amount or frequencies of wetting discourage you from using it.
  • Make sure the volume is appropriately set.
  • Check the batteries regularly.
  • Show your child how the alarm works and get him/her to set it each night.
  • Give plenty of encouragement and praise.
  • Stick to the plan.

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