Latest Testimonials

Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

Thank you so much!! After 9 years..not one dry night, my son has only taken 9 days to be ’wee free’ at night!!! I honestly thought that it would take months, I even moved a bed in his room so I could sleep next to him as, whenever I tried to wake him to go to the loo before the alarm system, he just wouldn’t move…he is your typical lazy 9 yo boy!! So as a sceptic, I am truly happy to be proven wrong. Definitely the best money I have invested in my son. I have a very happy and confident boy and I now also can allow sleep overs and camp. Thanks again.  - Michelle

“With a child who was wetting himself heavily and repeatedly at nights, it was astonishing how effective the alarm was in training himself to wake and take himself to the bathroom during the night. After only two weeks, he was completely dry every night. Thank you!”

“I can’t believe the alarm worked so quickly, I was really pleased!”

“We started using this alarm when our son turned 7. He had never had a dry night so we were expecting it to take ages. Unbelievable! after 3 weeks he stopped wetting the bed. That was 6 months ago and I am almost at the stage where I am confident enough to take off his brolly sheet. Would totally recommend this product to others. Do it now!”

“Loved it and would recommend it to others. I know he was ready but I had tried many things over the last 2 years to get him dry and I just couldn’t get him there. Was so happy it only took a week and we will keep wearing it until he has been dry for a few months. Thank you!”

Wet Stop Bed Wetting Alarm

“The alarm worked brilliantly. Our son who was 7 at the time stopped wetting completely after one month. He was dry most nights after one week. The bedwetting alarm was so successful I told a number of friends. Interestingly, most of these friends opened up to me about how their child also wets the bed. I loaned the alarm to one friend who then went on to have the same success as us and she was so relieved that she had told someone about it and they did something about it too.”

“We have just started using the alarm and our daughter now wakes up with the alarm and uses the toilet. We have even had two or three nights when she has woken up to use toilet on her own. It’s going really well so far.”

“We bought this for our 8 year old son who rarely had a dry night. For a long time I thought the bed-wetting would go away on its own but it never did. We were a little sceptical but I wanted to try something to change the behaviour and our doctor said they don’t do anything about bedwetting until the kid is way older! We are very pleased with this product and have had no problems at all. The first few weeks were a little hard but now my son is dry almost every night. He is now going 10 nights in a row of being dry and sometimes more. When the alarm does go off he gets up right away and finishes in the bathroom.”

“We have just started using this alarm. It is a much better quality alarm than the first one we bought on ebay. This is well constructed, well thought out and easy to use.”

Wobl Vibrating Watch

“We love it, it has made a huge difference for our son. He has been dry at kindy for 2 weeks now after a year of daily accidents. We wish we had found this watch much sooner.”

“The watch is working well for my 4-year-old and has reduced her accidents from around 5-7 a week to one every 10 days or so.”

“I would highly recommend this product to others. We have used it to remind our 5 year old to visit the toilet regularly through the day. He is one of those kids who doesn’t have time to nip to the loo. This has stopped him leaving it to the last minute and peeing on the run!”

“We are using this watch for our 5 year old who we think has constipation problems from not drinking enough. We set the alarm to go off each hour so she remembers to drink water at school throughout the day. We are definitely seeing a difference. Thanks, this is a great product.”